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Hillson Acquisitions is a dynamic firm offering traditional and innovative investment opportunities while maintaining superior asset protection.

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Our commitment to our values forms the foundation of our relationships with clients, partners, and colleagues. We strive to build lasting trust by consistently demonstrating integrity in all our interactions.

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Pacey Hillson

President & Chairman

Pacey Hillson stands at the forefront of Hillson Acquisitions Incorporated (HAI), a company deeply rooted in Hillson family Values. Since its establishment in 2020, he has served as the founding President and Chairman, steering the firm with visionary foresight and precision.

Adam Dalkiriadis

Chief Operating Officer

Adam Enrique Dalkiriadis, as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Hillson Acquisitions Incorporated (HAI), embodies the spirit of forward-thinking leadership. Joining HAI in 2021, Adam was attracted to the opportunity to build a future with a team of like-minded individuals, all striving towards a common goal.

Samuel Abitbol

Account Executive

Samuel Abitbol, a dynamic member of the Hillson Acquisitions Incorporated (HAI) team, brings a fresh perspective and innovative approach to the table. Joining HAI in November 2021, Samuel sought a platform where he could apply his skills in the real world and make a tangible impact. His role at HAI involves managing crypto portfolios, onboarding new investors, and participating in key executive decisions.


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